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Beirut Blast, we will never forget

In memory of the Beirut Blast.
On August 4th, 2020, one of the biggest explosions in history took place in the capital of Lebanon, Beirut.
The ammonium nitrate explosion caused a death toll of 204 people, 7500 injuries, and 15 billion dollars in property damage, leaving an estimated 300000 people homeless.
Remember their names. Remember their faces. We won't forgive. We won't forget. Justice shall be served.

في ذكرى إنفجار بيروت.

في الرابع من آب/أغسطس سنة ٢٠٢٠، شهدت العاصمة اللبنانية، بيروت، أحد أكبر الإنفجارات في التاريخ.

سبّب إنفجار نيترات الأمونيوم مقتلَ ٢٠٤ أشخاص، وبجرح ٧٥٠٠ شخص. ودمّر عقارات تبلغ قيمتها ١٥ مليار دولار أميركي، ما شرّد حوالى ٣٠٠٠٠٠ شخص.

تذكروا أسماءهم. تذكروا وجوههم. لن ننسى. لن ننسى. يجب تحقيق العدالة.

Editors Pick

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2022 Elections | انتخابات 2022

Lebanon’s crippling issues have been catastrophically augmented within the past two years. During which, negative news has found its way into our conversations and daily lives, yet we have failed to delve...

Who Killed Rafic Hariri? We Will Know this Month! من قتل رفيق الحريري؟ الحكم يصدر هذا الشهر

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 What started off as a mysterious case of pneumonia, unraveled into the deadly Coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 (CoVid-19). Cities, even countries, were quarantined as the outbreak spread. At the time of writing, the...

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Another Fuel Scandal فضيحة نفط أخرى

ZR Energy is a company registered in Dubai and owned by Lebanese businessmen Teddy and Raymond Rahme, who are also the founders of the ZR Group and are stakeholders in several Lebanese...

We Will Rebuild What You Destroyed سنعيد بناء كلّ ما قمتم بتدميره

You, our older generations, keep telling us things like: “You know nothing about the life we had” “You haven’t been through the same events we have been through”. “You will never understand”. Your politicians keep making promises to bring Lebanon...

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