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2022 Elections | انتخابات 2022

Lebanon’s crippling issues have been catastrophically augmented within the past two years. During which, negative news has found its way into our conversations and daily lives, yet we have failed to delve...

Lebanese Women: Second-Class Citizens | مواطن درجة ثانية

Introduction Although we live in the twenty first century, achieving equality between men and women is still a long way ahead. While the latter has not yet been achieved in most parts of...

The Lebanese Presidency – A face for billboards or a face of duty? | رئاسة الجمهورية اللبنانية -وجه للصور أو للواجب الوطني؟

Democratic systems vary across the globe with parliamentary systems holding the biggest share. In a parliamentary system, the spotlight is mostly occupied by the legislative branch (parliament), even the executives are entrusted...

A crisis within a crisis | أزمة ضمن أزمة

A crisis within a crisis: The Labor Economics of Refugees and Foreign Workers in Lebanon  Economists give little attention to the economics of wartime and migration; they often overlook the fact that refugees...

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